Austin Nieves

company member, director of finances

Austin was born and raised in Moore, OK, with a life long passion for dance. He began training at the age of 4 in all styles and quickly found his niche in hip-hop, developing a strong foundation in popping, and earning the nickname Poptart. He is entering into his fourth year with RACE, adding the title of co-company manager of the Men of RACE, and has created a family of dancers for himself in the company. Along with being a part of several shows, he has also performed the role of the Nutcracker twice in the company's Hip-Hop Nutcracker. He has been blessed enough to grow up training and traveling the country taking from some of the biggest names in the industry. Austin learned the foundations and fundamentals of popping and breaking from the original innovators of the styles and techniques from other choreographers of other styles as well. He attends the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Business Legal Studies. He values the history and knowledge of dance just as much as the physical execution and aims to live his life on the quote "Live, don't just exist" and to further his dancing on the quote "dance is a shared knowledge".