La Keysta Tipton

Co-Artistic Director of Junior & Teen RACE

La Keysta Tipton is the current Co-Director of the Junior and Teen RACE dance company. At the young age of 8 she took her first dance class in Ponca City, Oklahoma and knew right away her place in the world. In 2011, she graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in performing arts. After graduating, La Keysta had the pleasure of performing as a company member in Oklahoma’s first jazz/hip hop company, RACE, alongside many inspiring artists. After her time with RACE, she has been offered several contracts with Norwegian Cruise Lines as a singer, dancer, and aerialist traveling around the country and the Caribbean. Having worked with acclaimed choreographers such as Tiger Martina, Hui Cha Poos, Jenn Rapp-Pearl, Ricky Whitfield, Adam Parson, Mayala, Leslie Snelson-Figueroa and more has been a highlight to her career. While performing on stage is her preference, she enjoys and is grateful for any opportunity to teach, connect and share her passion for the arts.