Three Stories Told in Three Styles

June 21st 8p | June 22 2 & 8p

At Oklahoma Contemporary

RACE Dance Company is proud to present a show that was built through collaboration. The story and stage design were developed with the input of all the dancers in an effort to underline the importance of community, especially in dance. We hope you recognize the added value in union and enjoy the show.

Direction | Hui Cha Poos

Lighting Design | Matt Avra

Sound Mix | DJ Diludic and Kourtney Rentz

Costume Design | David Saenz

Photography Direction | Brad Hill

Stage Design | Dancers of RACE Dance Company

Concept | Dancers of RACE Dance Company

Story 1: The Bully

Man vs. Society

In collaboration with the nonprofit GNWY, we tell a story of the residual effects of bullying and the struggle to overcome.

*Some music contained within this section has explicit lyrics. Please be advised.*

The Cast

The Bullies | Austin Nieves, Stephen Wafer, Steve Le

The Victims | Jesus Martinez, Chris Shepard

The Darkness | Freddy Martinez, Chase Bloomer, T Ogbe

The Light | Gina Foxhoven, Sheri Hayden, Sarah Henry , Justyce James, Audrey Johnston, Kourtney Rentz, Christy Warmack, Cristen Whitaker


How You Like Me Now? | Music by Remix, Choreography by John Ariete

Sinner | Music by Francis Novotny, Choreography by Austin Nieves

Legend Has it | Music by Run the Jewels, Choreography by Chris Shepard

Pigs | Music by Tyler the Creator, Choreography by Josh Okpara and Jemale Darby of GNWY

Ultra Lightning | Music by Kanye West, Choreography by Josh Okpara and Jemale Darby of GNWY

Paramedic | Music by Kendric Lamar, Choreography by Stephen Wafer

Faces | Music by yellow wolf ft. Ed Sheeran, Choreography by Jesus Martinez

* 15 Minute Intermission *

Story 2: exist

Man vs. Self

The purpose is there- I know who you are.

The Cast

Soloists | Cristen Whitaker, Kourtney Rentz, Gina Foxhoven, Audrey Johnston

Corps | Sheri Hayden, Sarah Henry, Justyce James, Christy Warmack, Chase Bloomer, Steve Le, Freddy Martinez, Jesus Martinez, Austin Nieves, T Ogbe, Chris Shepard, Stephen Wafer


EXI[s]T | Music by Zach Hemsey and Cristobal Tapia De Veer, Direction and Choreography by Gina Marie Foxhoven, Photography Direction by Brad Hill

Farewell | Music by Benjamin Clementine, Choreography by Hui Cha Poos

To the Marrow | Music by Olafur Arnalds, James Grant, and Jody Wisternoff, Choreography by Cristen Whitaker

Meet Yourself in the Mirror | Music by Zack Hemsey, Choreography by Kourtney Rentz

* 15 Minute Intermission *

Story 3: Going to the Chapel

Man vs. man

"Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe

The Cast

The Old Folks | Stephen Wafer, Audrey Johnston

The Bride | Justyce James

The Groom | Austin Nieves

The Maid of Honor | Sarah Henry

The Dolly | Sheri Hayden

The Goofs | Steve Le, Jesus Martinez

The Cool Cat | Chris Shepard

The Guests | Cristen Whitaker, Kourtney Rentz, Gina Foxhoven, Christy Warmack, Chase Bloomer, Freddy Martinez, T Ogbe


A Kiss to Build a Dream On | Music by Louis Armstrong, Choreography by Audrey Johnston and Stephen Wafer

I Enjoy Being a Girl | Music by Peggy Lee, Choreography by Hui Cha Poos

Going the the Chapel | Music by Bette Midler and Harry Connick Jr., Choreography by Christy Warmack and Hui Cha Poos

Fool That I Am | Music by Etta James, Choreography by Sheri Hayden

Chin up, Buttercup | Music by Charlie Parker, Choreography by Sheri Hayden and Cristen Whitaker

Sway | Music by Dean Martin, Choreography by Jeremy Duvall and Hui Cha Poos

I Get a Kick Out of You | Music by Bob Caldwell, Choreography by Sheri Hayden and Chris Shepard

That's Life | Music by Frank Sinatra, Choreography by Audrey Johnston

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